Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Murfreesboro visit

Hey guys! I just spent last week in Murfreesboro with Mommy and got to spend lots of time with mamaw and papaw. I played basketball, climbed fences, played with the tire swing, and hung out on the porch swing with my cousin Tyler. It was a nice week, and now I am spending the next two weeks at Daddy's house! I am really looking forward to playing with Hayden and Corban and loving on Daddy and Tammy. By the way, I have really been working on my dancing...can you tell? I will blog again when I return!

Memorial Day fun!

I had a really good Memorial weekend, and I hope everyone else did too! We grilled, ate at our new picnic table, and played outside. I was really hoping to go to Wild River Country, but it rained and Mommy said we couldn't go. Me, Madison and Wyatt were really disappointed. But, we got to play together and watch lots of movies. It was an all around fun time!

What exactly is Madison doing?

Grilling out for Memorial Day

Mom! We are trying to eat here!

Filling holes with Tony

Swinging with Chloe