Saturday, February 20, 2010

Random me

Here are some random pics of me being me, enjoy!!

Kiss me Katie!

Ok, I will settle for a hug!

This is where I wound up taking my nap

Hanging out on the potty

Tony's shoes and hat

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ride a lil' horsey.....

My Uncle Greg's birthday is in February and me and mommy went to his parents house to say happy birthday. While we were there, I got to meet Uncle Greg's "real" nephew Blaine. He is a really cool guy and we got along pretty well. Blaine had a wooden horse that we could ride, so we climbed on together and had a big time! Uncle Greg told me that the horse used to be his daddy's when he was a little boy and that he and Todd played with it too when they were little. So it is OLD and very used, and it has never been repainted! Looks good, right? Happy Birthday Uncle Greg!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Monster Jam

For my birthday, mommy and Tony got me the best birthday present ever... tickets to Monster Jam! We went, and I didn't want to wear my ear protection, so mommy says she wouldn't be surprised if I were deaf. And it was LOUD! Wyatt, on the other hand, was so fascinated that he hardly moved and didn't even touch his ear stuff. I climbed up and down in my chair, stood up, kicked the seat in front of me, walked around, and threw my ear muffs at people. The people around us were really lucky to have those seats! But, when the trucks got ready to drive over the cars, I was totally focused on the action. It was way cool! There were also four-wheelers, cool cars, and a mechanical dinosaur that chewed up a car. Awesome.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Devilish? You decide....

I may be really obnoxious and stubborn sometimes. I am extremely difficult to control and somewhat high maintanence at others. But no matter how much trouble I am, I know mommy and Tony still love me. How do I know you ask? Because I am also devious. I turn on the charm... the smile, the dimples, the eyes and, above all else, the kisses are just a few of the tools at my disposal. I am very well aware that mommy lives to make me laugh, and I am not afraid to use that to my advantage!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winter wonderland

Ok, so maybe my back yard is not a winter wonderland, but it sure seemed like it to me while I was playing in my first snow. When I woke up that first morning, I looked outside and said "bubbles!" Mommy laughed at me and told me it was snow. She continued laughing at me as I tried to say snow and I finally pointed to my nose and said "nose!" After a little while it finally sounds more like snow than nose. We had a really awesome time playing in it. We couldn't be outside for very long cause it was way too cold, but it was long enough to fall down, throw and dodge snowballs, and eat the ice!

Flyin' high

One of mine and Wyatt's gifts from Santa was a wagon, and we absolutely LOVE it! Sissy takes us for rides and it is way cool flying down the hill in front of the house. As you can tell from our expressions, it is quite a thrill! Here is also a pic of me ready to head to school all decked out in some of my birthday presents. I love my rain boots Aunt Wendy!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Mommy and Tony took me to the UALR basketball game, and I was fascinated! Uncle Bubba gave us the tickets last minute and we ran around and gathered up and went. Thanks Uncle Bubba!! We ate popcorn and I drank a 32 oz. Mt. Dew pretty much by myself. I was bouncing off the walls, but I really liked watching those boys run up and down the court and shoot baskets. I have a goal at home, and I slam dunk quite often. I was kind of surprised those guys couldn't dunk like I can (they must not have as much talent).

Friday, February 5, 2010

John Deere is the man!

Ok, better late than never. Here are some pics from my birthday. It was absolutely awesome and soo much fun! There were soo many family and friends that came to see me. I was so glad to see everyone, but I was a little overwhemled and acted really shy. All my girls were there, and I was glad they came even though I missed Georgia's party. Sorry Georgey! I made Chloe's though, Happy Birthday Lo Lo! I also got to hang out with all my cousins and other family. To top it all off, I had the most awesome tractor cake ever. Thanks Dee! Also thanks to everyone for making my party so wonderful (and for all the gifts of course)!!! I love each one of you very much!