Thursday, June 17, 2010


We have wedding photos finally! I was such a big boy and looked really handsome in my tux. That's what everyone told me anyway. Poor Tony had the thankless job of getting me and Wyatt dressed so mommy wasn't stressed about that at least. Thanks to Aunt Wendy, Granny, Aunt Tracy and all other family that helped take care of me for mommy. I was absolutely NOT excited about taking pictures, so there are not a whole lot with me in them. I was much more into playing in the dirt and throwing rocks in the creek! When it came time to walk mommy down the aisle with G-pa however, I really stepped up to the plate. I held mommy's hand and walked all the way down. The only problem was that I was in a bigger hurry than mommy and G-pa. As soon as we got to Tony, I turned around and Wyatt and I ran back up the aisle! I also snuck past everyone and ran down the aisle before the wedding even started. Everyone laughed at me, so I loved it! Anyway, thanks to Uncle Bubba and Kira for keeping me occupied during the ceremony. We had an awesome time at the reception too. I got to dance with mommy several times, and got to dance with Katie, Wyatt, Ethan, Taylor, and Kyle. We mostly ran around in circles, but it was fun. By the end of the night however, I was worn out. I fell asleep on mommy!