Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Better late than never!

Okay, so my mom is a little slow about some things, but I still love her. I have tried in as many ways as I can to tell her it was time to update my blog, but she doesn't seem to understand me! So I decided that maybe if I started showing off and doing amazing things she would have to brag. I began crawling around, and everyone thought it was cool. But did I get a blog update? No. So I started pulling up on everything I could find. Again everyone seems very excited, but still no update. What does a baby have to do to get recognition around here? Finally I decided that for some reason my mommy really wanted me to clap my hands. Even though I think it is pretty dumb, my mommy loves it! And low and behold, a blog update!!! I have been very busy with all of that nonsense lately, but I have also been hanging out with my family. I visited my daddy and played with my new brothers. Daddy says they have so much fun wrestling on the floor with me! I know I sure love it. I also visited my mamaw Kay and papaw Dale and had so much fun. I had been missing them! My other new favorite activity is watching the cars go by from mamaw and papaw's front porch. Here are a few recent pics of fabulous me!

My favorite friends

Playing in the bathtub

I love to read!

Waving at the cars with papaw and uncle bubba

Sipping water and rocking with mamaw